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Trouble with your feet?

Feet are often subjected to a lot of stress and strain. Standing for too long, wearing shoes which do not fit properly, and walking on hard pavements and roads, all take their toll. As you grow older, you may find your feet starting to protest at ill treatment earlier in life.

Address the problems

The most important issue with your feet is not to ignore problems. Minor ailments will often worsten, and will rarely go away of their own accord. Our feet do not get a chance to recover without changing the causes, and addressing the problems directly.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms such as persistent pain or soreness are warning signs - often indicating a weakness in the foot structure which could get worse. If for example you neglect a corn or bunion, it will often develop and become increasingly painful. You will start to counteract the pain by walking badly, and this in turn will lead to greater problems.

Always attend to foot problems quickly; it will save you discomfort in the future - feet are definitely meant to last you for a lifetime!

Think of your feet when buying new shoes.

You can write to, e-mail, or telephone us about foot care issues, and for specific footcare advice not dealt with here.

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